Aaron has been working in the training and lifestyle field for over 8 years. He has personally overcome many major injuries and  lifestyle related disease and weight issues. When discussing health he knows it's easy to try and put everyone through the same way of thinking - but he has learned to be nuanced in his approach because everyone is unique. From the newest beginner in exercise and health to seasoned athletes, he enjoys training anyone who is trying to grow, learn and improve.  


Personal Trainer Specialist- CanFitPro

Precision Nutrition Certification 

TRX Coach

Athletic Movement Assessment - Lower Extremity

Functional Muscle Assessment and Graduated Exercise Methods

C.P.R. and A.E.D. Certified

"It's important for us to recognize that exercise and movement are not luxuries, but the basic building blocks of good health."

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As I got older I was starting to develop heath issues and needed to get in better shape & lose some weight. From the start, Benji did a great job of assessing my body needs & how to address them. He demonstrates a strong knowledge of the human body, uses great variety of exercises & stretches while keeping the workouts fun and engaging. Whether it’s my knees or back, he’ll adjust the workouts to address my bodies current needs of the day. I’m moving better, feeling more flexible & am even starting to lose weight - I would highly recommend Benji for personal trainer.

Bruce BuckinghaM, 65