Synapse Health & Fitness isn't your typical fitness experience.  Working with certified fitness professionals, your training is customized to your needs.  Whether you're recovering from a health issue or looking to get into better shape, Synapse is the solution to help you reach your goals. ​Every client presents their own unique challenges and requires custom programming which is continually monitored during the sessions to ensure that there is immediate feedback and tailoring to your own development. Regardless of your limitations, our facility is the space you'll need for the best coaching experience.

synapse [ sin-aps, si-naps]



a region where nerve impulses are transmitted and received, encompassing the axon terminal of a neuron that releases neurotransmitters in response to an impulse, an extremely small gap across which the neurotransmitters travel, and the adjacent membrane of an axon, dendrite, or muscle or gland cell with the appropriate receptor molecules for picking up the neurotransmitters.



Michele Doucette 

Movement Specialist

Philosophy: I believe fitness is more than training for an event, but for the activities you want to do in life. I always tell clients to be more impressed about the things your body can achieve versus how your body looks.

Experience: Michele grew up playing competitive sports and has always had a passion for living an active lifestyle. After being trained by Chad for almost 6 years, Michele realized with proper training, technique, rehab and motivation she was able to realize goals she never felt possible. As a result, Michele decided to pursue her own designation as a Personal Training Specialist as well as a Sport Conditioning Coach, TRX certified instructor and is motivated to continue with further fitness and theory training.


Loves working with: Michele is excited to share her enthusiasm and knowledge with clients in a one on one or group training setting. Michele also has a soft spot for the young athlete and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for fitness with them either one on one or a group dry land setting.


  • Personal Trainer Specialist- CanFitPro

  • Sport Conditioning Specialist (Bronze Level)- Twist Conditioning

  • Athletic Movement Assessment- Lower Extremity

  • Group Training Specialist- TRX

  • C.P.R. and A.E.D. Certified

Benjamin Smith


Philosophy: What are the things you're doing everyday? Change the day, change your life.

Experience: As a kid he played a variety of sports, but that led to an overweight and broken body as a young adult. Overcoming injury and obesity led him to study Kinesiology, where he started working as a leader in youth wellness. Benji started personal training with the general population, but slowly transitioned into being a health coach and working with more specialized clients - specifically senior and Parkinson's patients. 

Loves working with: He'll always love working with seniors, but generally enjoys working with anyone motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle.



  • Bachelors Kinesiology

  • PWR! Parkinson Wellness Recovery Instructor

  • Alberta Healthy Living (AHLP) Instructor

  • Athletic Movement Assessment - Lower Extremity

  • C.P.R. and A.E.D. Certified

Samantha March

FRC Specialist, Massage Therapist

PhilosophyIt feels good to move and feeling good is what it’s all about.

Experience:  Sam's passion for movement developed through her involvement in competitive athletics from a very young age. Through her own personal limitations with chronic knee pain and in continuing her education, Sam has been focusing on movement optimization through increasing mobility.


Loves working with: Education on joint health and longevity, along with controlling ones body in a safe and painless manner are Sam's primary goals for her clients. 


  • Registered Massage Therapist

  • Can-Fit-Pro PTS

  • Training for Warriors (Level 1)

  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist

  • Bachelors Degree- Physical Education

  • Bachelors Degree- Education (secondary intermediate)

Tania White

Movement Specialist

Philosophy: Whether your goal is returning to functional pain-free movement, elevating personal fitness, or enhancing performance, success comes from an integrated approach: appropriate physical movement patterning, a healthy mental state, sufficient sleep and recovery, stress management, and proper nutrition.

Experience: Tania has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years as a personal trainer, educator, manager, and group fitness instructor. She has worked with high level athletes, and on research projects studying the effects of exercise on chronic health conditions, including Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer and colon cancer. She specializes in addressing the psychological as well as the physical components of pain management and performance.


Loves working with: Both ends of the spectrum - performance enhancement for sport or life to clients engaging in post-rehabilitation or managing chronic health conditions, pain management and fall prevention.


  • Certified Personal Personal Trainer - NAIT

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree - Psychology with concentration in Motivational Studies

  • ACE Clinical Exercise Specialist Certification

  • ACE Personal Trainer Certification

  • Personal Trainer Specialist- CanFitPro

  • Fitness Instructor Specialist- CanFitPro

  • Certified in Fascial Movement Taping

  • Fitness and Nutrition Program Diploma

  • TRX Coach • Certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

  • Certified Fitness Instructor- Les Mills International

  • C.P.R. and A.E.D. Certified


Chad Halford

Medical Exercise Specialist, Owner

Philosophy: At some point we all moved properly and pain free and my focus is bringing us back to that point in our lives.

Experience: He graduated from Mount Royal College in 2005 as a Certified Personal Trainer. Chad's worked with numerous sports clubs, professional and amateur level athletes and weekend warriors. Chad competed in many sports growing up and as a result has had a long standing passion for fitness.

Loves working with: Chad's always open to working with different clients, but has developed a soft spot for post-rehabilitation services.


  • Certified Personal Trainer- Mount Royal College

  • Medical Exercise Specialist- A.A.H.F.R.P.

  • Sport Conditioning Specialist (Gold Level)- Twist Conditioning

  • C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach

  • TRX R4 Certification

  • Athletic Movement Assessment- Lower Extremity

  • Personal Trainer Specialist- CanFitPro

  • C.P.R. and A.E.D. Certified

Sue Williams

Movement Specialist

Philosophy: Everyone deserves to know how to be functional and  live pain-free.

Experience:  When we call her a guru, we mean it. Sue started her career in the lab, where she found herself overweight and unhealthy.  When she became injured and couldn't find anyone else to fix her, she started fixing herself. Overcoming her weight loss and retiring from research vaulted her into fitness where she's been an Athletic Therapist for 28 years, a personal trainer for 30 years and was even a part of the  original aerobics trend.  


Loves working with:  She started with performance, but now focuses on return to play - helping non-functional people become functional again.


  • Bachelor of Science, Honors

  • Athletic Therapist 

  • AFLCA Personal Trainer

  • Body Print

  • Athletic Movement Assessment - Lower Extremity

  • ACE Personal Training

  • C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach

  • SFMA - Selective Functional Movement Assessment

  • Personal Trainer Specialist - CanFitPro

  • C.P.R. and A.E.D. Certified

Aaron Ashley

Movement Specialist

Philosophy: Aaron focuses on the foundations of health to offset the problems we deal with from our modern lifestyle. It's important for us to recognize that focusing on exercise and movement are not luxuries, but the basic building blocks of good health. 

Experience: I have been working in the training and lifestyle field for 8+ years. Personally I have overcome many major injuries and also have been able to overcome lifestyle related disease and weight issues. When discussing health it's easy to try and put everyone through the same way of thinking - but I've learned to be nuanced in my approach because everyone is unique. 


Loves working with: From the newest beginner in exercise and health to seasoned athletes, I enjoy training anyone who is trying to grow, learn and improve. If you come in with an optimistic attitude, every goal is achievable.  


  • Personal Trainer Specialist- CanFitPro

  • Precision Nutrition Certification 

  • TRX Coach

  • Athletic Movement Assessment - Lower Extremity

  • Functional Muscle Assessment and Graduated Exercise Methods

  • C.P.R. and A.E.D. Certified


Christine McKenzie

Movement Specialist

Philosophy: I believe it is important to take care of what you can today so you are not forced too later.

Experience: From figure skating, to The All Star Field Hockey Team, girls baseball team, soccer, track and even competing in Skeleton for Alberta, Christine grew up around sport. This love for activity led to opportunities in education to certify as a CanFit Pro Trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist. Driven by her love to travel, she worked as a trainer while exploring the United States and Europe. It was in Europe where Christine discovered her love of medical exercise and becoming a mother that inspired her to teach physical literacy in fun and creative ways to young children.


Loves working with: Christine holds a special place for teaching young children about anatomy through fun, educational, skill development fitness games. 


  • Therapy Assistant Diploma with Fleming College

  • CSEP - CPT Certified

  • Medical Exercise Specialist Certification with Medical Exercise Training Institute

  • Outschool Fitness Teacher

  • Youth Fitness Certification with Let’s Play Today

  • Member of Airdrie Women in Business

  • PDA Volunteer with Red Cross




With 2,100 sq ft. of space, the facility is conveniently located in Avenida Village on Macleod Trail. The space was designed by the trainers and clients that use it, with equipment that focuses on movement and exercise fundamentals. Sometimes less is more and we have everything needed to reach your goals.

  • Equipment:

    • Dumbbells, barbells, bands and pulleys

    • Squat racks, benches and landmine

    • Full TRX training station

    • Swiss and bosu balls

    • Balance pads, cones & hurdles

    • Foam rollers, stretching mats

    • Assault Air Runner treadmills, Concept 2 Rower & Upright Bike

  • Amenities:

    • Day-use lockers

    • Private change rooms, individual showers and towel service

    • Handicap accessible change room and bathroom

    • Water machine

Pulley machines, ladder

Massage table, TRX, Bosu, Mats, Anatomy charts

Scale, Water machine, Cleaning supplies

Pulley machines, ladder