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Benjamin smith


As a kid he played a variety of sports, but that led to an overweight and broken body as a young adult. Overcoming injury and obesity led him to study Kinesiology, where he started working as a leader in youth wellness. Benji started personal training with the general population, but slowly transitioned into being a health coach and working with more specialized clients - specifically senior and Parkinson's patients. He'll always love working with seniors, but generally enjoys working with anyone motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle.


Bachelors Kinesiology

PWR! Parkinson Wellness Recovery Instructor

Alberta Healthy Living (AHLP) Instructor

Athletic Movement Assessment - Lower Extremity

C.P.R. and A.E.D. Certified

"What are the thing you are doing everyday? Start with improving those and then you can change your entire life."

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As I got older I was starting to develop heath issues and needed to get in better shape & lose some weight. From the start, Benji did a great job of assessing my body needs & how to address them. He demonstrates a strong knowledge of the human body, uses great variety of exercises & stretches while keeping the workouts fun and engaging. Whether it’s my knees or back, he’ll adjust the workouts to address my bodies current needs of the day. I’m moving better, feeling more flexible & am even starting to lose weight - I would highly recommend Benji for personal trainer.

Bruce BuckinghaM, 65