Chad Halford


Chad's family is an anomaly being born and raised in Calgary. He graduated from Mount Royal College in 2005 as a Certified Personal Trainer. After spending 17 years working at big-box facilities, he came to realize he would not be able to truly able to help people under their model and that is where Synapse was born. He has worked with numerous sports clubs, professional and amateur level athletes, weekend warriors and competed in many sports growing up. He has  a long standing passion for fitness, but has developed a soft-spot for rehabilitation services.


Certified Personal Trainer - Mount Royal College

Medical Exercise Specialist- A.A.H.F.R.P.

Sport Conditioning Specialist (Gold Level) - Twist Conditioning

C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach

TRX R4 Certification

Athletic Movement Assessment- Lower Extremity

Personal Trainer Specialist- CanFitPro

C.P.R. and A.E.D. Certified

"At some point we all moved properly and pain free and my focus is bringing us back to that point in our lives."

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Synapse helped me transform my health, guiding me towards the most strength and flexibility I have ever had in 50 years of my life. Chad's knowledge and experience were the primary reason I was able to recover completely from an acute tear to my hip joint that required a hip resurfacing surgery. His approach to rebuilding strength and awareness of movement in my leg is remarkable to me on a daily basis. When I tell people I have a metal hip they are in disbelief! It's great to be trained by someone who truly teaches and knows what they are doing!

Rob Jacobucci, 53