Stay in mid-season condition through winter

Grab your clubs in May and swing them like you haven't missed a round?

We have placed a focus on 4 specific areas to improve your game and prevent injury:​

  1. Core stabilization- how to set the body up to perform the movement and protect the spine, joints and muscles

  2. Joint mobility- allow the joints to go through a greater range to produce more force without the risk of injury

  3. Sequential firing- activating the right muscles at the right time to increase the amount of potential energy and weight transfer

  4. Force summation- the ability to generate, accumulate and transfer force from your feet up through your arms 

  5. Rotary power- the amount of force that the whole body can produce in a rotational pattern

Our unique approach to sport conditioning will aide you in having the best season yet.

Birdie Program

January - April 2020

The Birdie Program is a 3 month group conditioning program. With one session per week, it's a crash course before the Alberta golf season kicks off.


Eagle Program

October 2019 - April 2020

The Eagle Program is a 6 month group conditioning program. With one session per week, it will make sure you don't lose a stroke over the winter break.


Albatross Program

October 2019 - April 2020

The Albatross Program is a 6 month personalized conditioning program. With one session per week, we can adjust your program to address your weaknesses and improve your strengths.


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