Our dedicated group fitness class space is home to a number of different group training classes designed to bring you the personal training experience in a group fitness, class setting.


Have you ever been to a crowded group fitness class that left you wondering if were doing any of the exercises right? After listening to our community and instructors we heard the same thing! In true Synapse fashion, we have limited group fitness class sizes and allowed our instructors to use their years of experience in group training to develop unique classes you wont find at other gyms.

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Have you ever been seeing a doctor for treatment, but felt you needed a little bit more attention before getting back to normal? Whether you are already receiving treatment now or are worried about ending up on a treatment table down the road, these clinics are designed to bridge the gap between healthcare and fitness. These clinics are based on prevention - helping you learn and improve the way you move.

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Before we could run, we walked and the same concept goes for athletic group training. Our functional approach to movement and body awareness is what gives our athletes a competitive edge and compliments sport specific training. From coaching to playing, almost all of our staff have been involved in athletics throughout their lives. Whether you run, skate, throw, kick, turn, catch or hit - we can help. 

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