Group fitness classes done right.


After speaking to our community, they all said the same thing about group training classes: classes were too big and they were never sure if they were doing the exercises correctly. Our group training instructors said they were limited by large class sizes and unable to provide the best instruction for group training clients. That is why we are bringing you Exclusive Group Training classes, limiting class sizes and bringing you the best fitness instructors in Calgary.

Exclusive Group Training, Synapse Health & Fitness, Calgary Alberta

13 Classes
6 days
7 specialists

We built a balanced schedule of group training classes with some of the most popular and unique offerings in Calgary. These are the group fitness classes your instructors love teaching, combined with the classes they have always wanted to teach.

About the Specialists

All of us at Synapse are teachers. Combining our Exclusive Group Training Specialist's experience, knowledge and desire to help is what set us apart from any of your previous experiences with health and fitness.

Diana Parnell
Tania White
Erin Power
Michele Doucette
Sam March


Our group fitness classes are led by the top instructors in group fitness that teach you the how and why with movement - that way you know how to move wherever you go. We are committed to keeping class sizes small to give you that personal training feel with a group fitness vibe!

Exclusive Group Training, Synapse Health & Fitness, Calgary Alberta