Michele Doucette


Michele grew up playing competitive sports and has a passion for living an active lifestyle. After being trained by Chad for almost 6 years, she realized with proper training, technique, rehab and motivation she was able to realize goals she never felt possible. As a result, she pursued her own designation as a Personal Training Specialist, Sport Conditioning Coach and TRX certified instructor. Michele is excited to share her enthusiasm and knowledge with clients in a one on one or group training setting. She has a soft spot for the young athletes and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm individually and in a group setting.


Personal Trainer Specialist- CanFitPro

Sport Conditioning Specialist (Bronze Level)- Twist Conditioning

Athletic Movement Assessment- Lower Extremity

Group Training Specialist- TRX

C.P.R. and A.E.D. Certified

"Fitness is training for the activities you want to do in life. Be more impressed with what your body can do, rather than how it looks." 

ball squat.JPG

Like most people I let life take over and neglected the most important thing…taking care of myself! I had driven by and watched lots of people run the Parkland stairs so my husband suggested trying so I agreed to give them a shot. One Saturday morning there was this spunky lady, Michele Doucette, crushing the stairs – she was extremely easy to talk to, offered up some suggestions on how to make running the stairs more interesting and asked if I would like to come for an assessment to see if she could offer anything more to help me. Michele and the Synapse method have brought me to a new level of fitness and focus. It doesn’t matter if it is a one-on-one session or a group session - the focus is always on quality, functional movement. 

Deb oke, 51