Michele Doucette

"I have been a client of Chad's for 5 1/2 years. I have always been extremely active in high level sports and fitness since a very young age. However, for the past 25 years I have struggled with increased pain, decreased function and limited mobility as a result of 8 surgeries on one knee (2 major posterior lateral reconstructions and 2 ACL reconstructions) and a full ACL and posterior lateral reconstruction on my other knee. Needless to say, I was a fitness enthusiast who felt completely sidelined and limited from the things I love to do. Slowing down and letting pain and limitations take over was not an option for me. Chad not only got me through rehab of 3 surgeries but has me functioning on a level that even my surgeon can not believe! I am 45 today with less pain, more mobility and an outstanding increase in function that has me feeling better than I have since before my very first surgery. Friends and family who have watched me struggle for years and see where I am today are truly amazed. I have even been able to play hockey and volleyball again, compete in sprint triathlons and train at a level that I never thought possible...at age 45!

Seeing and feeling the results first hand and learning how functional training has lead me to this point and has inspired me to want to share this knowledge. Chad has inspired, supported and guided me through my journey in obtaining my personal training certification along with other fitness related courses. Feeling strong and full of knowledge, I am now helping individuals and athletes with their fitness journey and overcoming any health issues that stand in the way of their fitness goals.

Thank you Chad for being an outstanding coach, mentor and teacher!"


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