Samantha March

Massage Therapist
frc specialist

Sam's passion for movement developed with her involvement in competitive athletics from a very young age. Through her own personal limitations with chronic knee pain and in continuing her education, Sam has been focusing on movement optimization through increasing mobility. She loves working with education on joint health and longevity, along with controlling ones body in a safe and painless manner are her primary goals for her clients. 



Registered Massage Therapist

Can-Fit-Pro PTS

Functional Range Systems - FRC(ms), FRCism, FRC(SM)FRA, FR(UL), Kinstretch 

Bachelors Degree- Physical Education

Bachelors Degree- Education (secondary intermediate)

"it feels good to move and feeling good is what it's all about"

ball squat.JPG

As I got older I was starting to develop heath issues and needed to get in better shape & lose some weight. From the start, Benji did a great job of assessing my body needs & how to address them. He demonstrates a strong knowledge of the human body, uses great variety of exercises & stretches while keeping the workouts fun and engaging. Whether it’s my knees or back, he’ll adjust the workouts to address my bodies current needs of the day. I’m moving better, feeling more flexible & am even starting to lose weight - I would highly recommend Benji for personal trainer.

Bruce BuckinghaM, 65