Robert Jacobucci:

  • Rob had a hip resurfacing operation done in Rome, Italy. Following his return to Canada, he continued his post-rehab program with Synapse.

Kyla Murray:​

  • Kyla is a competitive figure skater that suffered a knee injury that sidelined her for 3 months. She has returned to the ice and won a few awards.

Michele Doucette:

  • Michele has a long history of knee trauma. Not only has she returned to a fully functional life but has started doing activities shes avoided for years.

Daryl Henry:​

  • Daryl had a hip resurfacing procedure done in Calgary. He has now returned to all his previous activities that he was doing pre-surgery.

Deb Oke:

  • Deb has a history of chronic shoulder pain. She has also had a full recovery from bilateral carpal tunnel release surgery.

Tyson Murray:

  • Tyson suffered an avulsion fracture to his hip in October of 2019. Following his intense rehab program, he returned to the ice in January of 2020.


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